Randi Karmel

Matrimonial, Divorce, Family Law & Litigation

Randi Karmel is a seasoned law professional with an unparalleled devotion to the health and safety of family. To discuss her own firm and methodology, she has appeared on the News, the Morning Show, and Nancy Grace. Her focus is in matrimonial, divorce, and family law litigation, and provides an organized website with support, inspiration, and vital information for clients on the services she and her team can provide. Based in New York City, she is also certified to practice law in New Jersey, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. Karmel believes that a complication between partners or guardians and their children should never risk their wellbeing, and is determined to efficiently prevent any further complications in her clients’ lives.

Karmel is the proud recipient of the New York Super Lawyers Award in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, and the Clients Choice Award. In 2014, her dynamic firm was honored with the Top Attorneys Award, representative of their unprecedented success in working hands-on with families, ensuring their safety and comfort, and sufficiently preparing them for the litigation process.

Before creating her own team of attorneys, Karmel worked at the District Attorney’s Office in Kings County as the Assistant District Attorney from 1991 to 1996. She gained experience in the high-pressure Domestic Violence Bureau, Investigations Bureau, Felony Trial Bureau and Major Narcotics Investigations Bureau.

She quickly moved on to take on the responsibility of serving as the Special Counsel and Deputy Inspector General of the New York Department of Investigation until 1997.

With the goal of using law to solve familial issues for the sake of future generations, Karmel moved on to work in private practice litigation in 1997.

Among her extensive experience and private practice successes, Karmel is the active member and leader of various organizations. Among other, she served on the Executive Committee, Child Custody Committee, Family Law Committee of the New York State Bar Association and the Judiciary Screening Committee of the New York County Women’s Bar Association. Of the Brooklyn Bar Association, she was the Family Law Section Vice Chair, and Vice Chair of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee. She also served as the Part 137 Fee Dispute Arbitrator. She also served on the Matrimonial Committee of New York County Lawyers’ Association.

Karmel works for the preservation of peace and order in the midst of commotion in the family setting. Her team develops relationships with their clients to understand how to best cater their skills to the family’s particular needs. Each case is unique, Karmel is sure, but each also deserves full attention and efficient results.

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